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What’s up people, welcome to my site MillennialXeConomics.com here’s a little information on my background.

Originally, I strictly made my living from being a pipe welder. You see I’m what you would call a ‘millennial baby’, ( est. 91), when the time was coming for me to graduate, the economy as we all know in ’08 was in shambles. The 2008 recession came and the U. S Global market took another record hit. My idea at the time was to go into business. At the time I wasn’t totally aware about how the economy worked. Luckily, my father consistently gave me useful advice on earning a trade. I was hesitant at first but then once I did some deep research, I came across welding. It intrigued me and I actually did my senior project on the entire welding industry. Afterwards I went ahead and signed up for trade school, did my two years and off to the construction industry I went. Tough at first, I gradually gained more knowledge and critiqued my skills. I enjoyed it wholeheartedly but I always had a deep passion for entrepreneurship. I’ve always had an eye for writing, investing and marketing. As I got older, the passion grew and overtime I decided to invest more of my time in those particular areas. With the economy starting to take a new route, I’ve decided this is the perfect time to grow and expand on those passions. My goal is to teach and network with the best interest at not only hear but mind. Quality content and trustworthy ethics. Follow NeweComnics.com. To learn the best tips, trades, mergers, acquisitions, trends and intellectual ideas for the near future.

The main reason for my delving into wanting to help people can be explained in one known quote, “ignorance is bliss”. Honestly it’s too many people who are hardworking individuals and mean well, but they sometimes lack the simple knowledge on gaining an edge on the economy. Within the millennial community there is a ton of potential for financial growth but it’s lacks guidance. Rather you’re young or old, learning and finding an easier way to navigate the economy couldn’t be more important to me.

The goal of my site is to produce quality content with informative information and ideas. I want to guide people to easier way of saving money along with earning it. I seek to obtain the absolute best information. Arrested development isn’t an option, I don’t tend to spam, cheat or look to divert you into any malicious activity. Growth is the game plan.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me at david@millennialxeconomics.com

I offer services such as:
Freelance Writing
Press Releases
Content Writing
Investment Consultant

Along with a few other services, you can view on the services page.

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