Air Fryers Health Risk: Are They Safe?

Deep Fryer or Air Fryer?

Have you started to notice these new devices that are out now? Looks like a modern day deep fryer of some sort. I personally noticed the device, when it was sitting the kitchen counter. I was told, this is the new and healthier way people are cooking now.

You can find some of the cheapest along with good quality Air Fryers at:, GoWise USA has pretty reasonable prices, anywhere from $65 to $70.


The top fryers can be found online or at many major retail stores. So far, since the breaking out of Air Fryers, a few top name brands have held the title as, “Top Dogs.” They include:

  1. Philips
  2. Black + Decker
  3. T-Fal
  4. GoWise USA
  5. Kalorik

Those brands come at different prices. Most air fryers start at around the $100 mark or above to begin with. Compared to the hundreds of dollars you would spend cooking with oil, it could turn out cheaper on down the road.

Trying To Get Used To Cooking With Air….

Making the jump from oil to air can be weird for some people, even me at first to be honest. I was the master at submerging my heavily floured and midly seasoned chicken breast into quarts of cooking oil. I was always taught to make sure all of the grease covers the food, for an even crisp finish. I took little lessons like those throughout my life, and now you tell me, I can throw those notes out of the door, because hot air is taking over.

I mean, how can I compete with air, what tricks can I do with my food while cooking it, like I can with oil. Ok, I digress. It’s just odd, but granted, this is 2018. their may be flying cars, Back To The Future style here before long, so what is cooking with super hot air.

Actually though, air fryers aren’t that new, if you look at commercial ovens, they use the same set up that an air fryer uses. An air fryer just uses the set up on a smaller scale. One of the many methods is an electric coil that is suspended above the food, that provides a radiant heat.

So will your food taste like freshly baked, pizza hut pizza,(for those of you who don’t mind the extra grease)? I can attest, that the air fryer, gets a 4/5 in my book, honestly. Let’s take a look at the reason I gave it the 4 stars and also why it loses a star.

What Does The Food Taste Like?

First off, lets be honest, everything has its pros and cons, live with it. Air Fryers have em’ to, however they do have more pros than cons, such as:


  • Provides crisp food
  • Easier to clean, no oil filtering
  • Cooks frozen foods
  • Dishwash accessible
  • Easy directions
  • All digital


  • Cooking times could possibly be longer
  • With constant dry hot air flow, it can possibly strip food of moisture

The process of how the air heats up is rather simple, once you put it in perspective. The dry heat created by the coil and the fan, penetrates the food and cooks it internally. Like commercial ovens, the fan is positioned above or around the coil that creates a current of super hot air that flows around and under the food.

As hot air flows, the moisture from the food can create the steam needed to finish the cooking. Most air fryers require anywhere from 800-2100 watts of power, make sure that capacity can supplement your household, which it should. They can hold anywhere from around 1.5 lbs to 2.5 lbs of food at a time. So you can cook a rather good portion of food at one time, unless you have offensive linemen for kids or roomates.

Some fryers, do come with features, that allow you to add a small amount of oil, if you want. Also make sure you require one that goes to a temperture of at least 400 degrees. Some only max out at 360 degrees, which is fine, but you might need that extra 40 degrees later down the road.

Alot of people are transitioning there way of living and eating more and more everyday, The invention of the household commercial oven, which is somewhat of an oxymoron, will only add fuel to the ongoing health freak fire. I for one, like the idea, in fact, I wish I was an investor. As a matter of fact, I’m inspired now to create me a new product, air powered cars, that’s right, no fuel, no electricity or outlet plugs, just pure recycled air. Coming to a city near you, 2094!! Be on the lookout.

Seriously though, air fryers are a bit healthier to cook with, especially for us southern eaters, no pun intended, to myself. (ROLL TIDE!!). Diets like ones we are accustom to, which are rich in saturated fat, can clog arteries, which can lead to stroke and heart disease.

  • Cookimg Oils Usually Breakdown Overtime
  • Deep Frying Can Create Hazardous Byproducts
  • Deep Fryers Require Alot of Tideous Maintenance


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