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Ham Jordan

This feisty, yet humbled spirit is none other than Ham Jordan. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, now resides in Alabama. She is the creator of Bangrz Earrings. The dopest earrings on the planet if I must say. Her lightweight and stylish accessories makes for eye-catching material. The fact that she makes her products herself and creates the ideas and designs simply through her own ideas and life experiences. She is a certified realist and motivational entrepreneur. If one was deciding to become a business owner, they could take note from Ms. Ham, who worked multiple jobs as a single mom in a new territory, all while raising her son, or as she would put it, “sun.” She is a true believer in creativity and self-manifestation. A very vibrant human being.

The Bangrz Factory

Ham, has a multitude of accessories, combined with unique designs and eye popping colors. You name it, she creates it. She ships to virtually every state in the U.S, and many people of all ages, purchase her products. Women, young adults, or men who want a gift for their lady. The designs are endless and she has gotten many testimonials of how great her products are.

Types of Designs That She Can Make……

When it comes to the designs she can create, well she’s limited to only Any & Everything!!…If you want your favorite team logo, Done!

A design related towards your religion or faith system, Done!

A unique design favored toward your personality, Done!

Basically, it’s whatever you can think of for a design, for an example:

Source Energy DesignNinja Turtles

The Results Can Be Endless

If I were to upload every pic, this entire article would be filled with beautiful handcrafted artwork. Women absolutely die and rebirth themselves when they shop for her product. You know the feeling when you have so many selections to choose from, that you spend more time that you planned making a final decision. That’s the feeling one may get when they are trying to figure out what design they want. I don’t know about other people, but when looking at a product, that’s one dilemma I wouldn’t mind having. A variety of quality.

SpidermanThe Punisher

The Flavor Behind The Style…

Ham is an unapologetic, straight up & down, may hurt your feelings sometimes, go big or go home, path of least resistance type of entrepreneur. The “juju” as she calls it, is what it takes to keep yourself in that creative spirit. The fact that she runs a successful business mainly from Facebook, and gained the following that she has, is amazing. It only takes motivation and a positive outlook on life alot of times to change your direction for the better. Ham is a true advocate of attracting what you want in life.

Style And Comfortability

Ham’s earrings are very lightweight in design. So the products you see with the wrote out words or different shapes and figures aren’t heavy at all. They won’t hang on your ears like a newborn with an anger problem. They are indeed very comfortable, and they even can be worn in a mix-matched style if you choose.


Hats off to a single mom from Detroit, who moved miles away to a new place and created a new way for herself and her son(sun). Any mother can attest that raising a boy to a man is a task within itself. For her not only raise her child to be a man, all while being independent, working multiple jobs, and then starting her own business is commendable. Her son(sun) now is in the military and he made that choice, to help out his mom, to sort of give her a break and allow her to continue to grow her business, all while putting himself in position to give back to her and his country in the future. Their relationship and bond is very strong.

Ham And Her Son(sun)

To the entrepreneurs out there, take heed to Ms. Ham Jordan and others like her, excuses are for those who make them, Ham has quit every single one of her jobs and now is a full time creative designer. You can follow her on Fb @ Ham Jordan. You can purchase her products, earrings, jewelery, shades, etc….

WARNING: Being that her name is Ham, alot of people make funnies with her name such as:

  • Swine
  • Hamminator
  • Hammlet
  • Hamster
  • Ham Bam
  • Ham & Cheese

Or any other name that fits, probably wouldn’t get a response, LOL!!…Nah but seriously she’s a cool spirit and seeks to give motivational and unfiltered advice when necessary, that has some of the coolest earring designs there is.


Ham’s products are not expensive at all. Sometimes she even promotes special deals & offers. You could get an X amount pair of earrings for one set price, sometimes she promotes the deal for only a certain period of time, but either way you can afford any of her products at any given time.

To order from Ham Jordan and The Bangrz Factory, visit her FB or Instagram page and send her a message to let her know you are interested. Also, you can check out more products there.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at & be on the lookout for more entrepreneurial articles.

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David Chandler

  1. Tyler Redlev left a comment on March 1, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Such a unique art, unconventional and definetely profitable. I really liked the earrings guitars. Her son is very inspiring!! Joining the army to support his mom is very touching. And she is such a fun person as I can see from the pictures.

    I definetely will visit the FB page to check out what offers shhe has. Damn, I liked those Punisher earrings!!! I probably will get one for my friend.

    • admin left a comment on March 1, 2018 at 10:51 pm

      Yea she has a variety of different products, she’s very creative, and yea she does have a flamboyant spirit. As a man, I found myself liking a lot of her products too, just like those punisher earrings, lol!! She may convert into men products in the future, idk…

  2. Anthony Little left a comment on March 10, 2018 at 8:39 am

    Great read. Wow, what a very unique, fun idea you have created and I’m sure this going to make you a huge success. Based on the article I can see you have found your true passion. One thing I really enjoyed is the support it’s always good to have that support from family members. Big salute to your son. I will, definitely check out the Fb page to keep track of what’s happening and share that hashtag #hamjordan. Best wishes on your journey and keep bringing more fun within your articles.

  3. Shierly left a comment on March 26, 2018 at 4:57 am

    Hi! David,
    i admire Ham Jordan being a single mom who enjoys life doing what makes her happy thru her beautiful and personalized creations.I believe all her designs came from her inner self that expresses of being her as Fashionista. I can see and feel that she raised her son being a good boy for wanting to help his mom in return. My daughter loves fashion and I will show her Ham’s costumized earrings in facebook. I learned a lot of earring designs from your review. All the best.

    • admin left a comment on March 27, 2018 at 7:04 pm

      Thanks Shierly, I’m glad you liked her and yea her journey is admiral, I hope your daughter likes them!!

  4. momsmith78 left a comment on March 27, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    What can I say, those earring rings WOW I LOVE, LOVE them. I WANT them. I have so many ideas to share with her, for her to help create.
    She is like WOW!!!
    How do I get in touch with her?
    I have bookmarked your site to pass on to others that I know would also just love your site as much as I do!!

    • admin left a comment on March 27, 2018 at 7:03 pm

      Hey momsmith78, you can contact her on FB, I would suggest posting on her wall, to get a quicker response. Thanks.

  5. Yemi left a comment on March 29, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    I have always loved big and unique earrings and these are all bold and gorgeous! Ham is really very creative. Each one seems to represent something unique and different. I can already picture multiple outfits that I can wear them with 🙂
    And her story is inspiring as well. Kudos to her and her “sun” for creating a beautiful life for themselves. It’s always great to see hard work and dedication pay off.

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