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So What Exactly Are The Naked Girlz About?

Frankly, they are real women coming together to get “Naked” about real topics. They talk about everything from everyday conversations to the topics no one wants to discuss.

“We Live Emotionally Exposed Because Living Open And Authentic To Us Is The Only Way To Live.”- Naked Girlz

All the advice is based on personal experience, which is the best type of experience. Wouldn’t it urk your nerves to have someone tell you the best way to raise your child, or what you’re doing wrong as a parent, when they don’t even have any kids. You would maybe accept advice from someone whose been down that road before,

Naked Girlz are a platform for social engagement  within the community. Rather you are a male or female, having real and open dialogue on certain issues can become beneficial to a particular problem. Solutions are the key to interactive social engagement, if one presents a problem and offers a resolve within in it, it entices you to look for more dialogue. Hence, the reason why Naked Girlz is group many people are attractted to.

Shemeka Michelle & Christina-Boyd-Clark

What Makes A Woman Naked?

Besides the no makeup and rocking your natural beauty, One must stand within the truth of themselves and not the facade they were given or told. You must look past the mirror and into soul of yourself, as cliche as it sounds, those are the facts. The past does not define who you will be in the future. The reason you hear most people, or even yourself, say, “I could have never thought I’ll see such & such, doing this or that.” Probably, because you are defining that person by their past.

When one is naked and real with themselves, can they be able to move forward. We have to reach each other by standing firm in our past, while excelling toward the future. Don’t dwell on the, “what could have been,” and focus on what will be. That, is what makes you Naked.

Where Can You Join In On The Naked Convo?

One place where you can catch the in-depth convo, is live on FB. They title it, “FeedBack Friday”. Every Friday at 1pm EST, they go live to discuss, recent events, what’s trending, or simply a topic of discussion for the day. They usually broadcast for about an hour or so.

They have a discussion on Sundays at 12pm, titled “Pretty Political.”

Or Visit them at their blog radio show,


Naked Girlz & Issa Rae

The Naked Girlz have had many interesting conversations with a variety of people and groups. Big ups to the southern, Durham, North Carolina natives.

Shemeka Michelle & Kelly Rowland

Naked Girlz are a strong group of women, who tell it like it is and shows no bias. The truth is the truth, bottom line. These women take care of their homes, provide for communities and keep people informed on things such as, your health, fitness, unhealthy habits, thought process, and overall life advice. Salute to the Naked Girlz, and the community that surrounds them.

The Naked Girlz Book…

If you want to read the Keep It Naked book by author Shemeka Michelle, you can purchase one from, click the image to purchase your book. You can also visit to contact her personally, and follow Christina-Boyd-Clark on FB, along with the Naked Girlz community.

Keep It Naked Book

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David Chandler

  1. Flavia left a comment on March 2, 2018 at 7:54 am

    I like the message that is portrayed and aimed for this group. I believe that we should all as human beings, feel comfortable to speak out the truth and not sugar coat a lot of important topics just because we want to hear what we want to hear. I like the quote the truth sets you free because it is true. Hearing the truth no matter how hard or painful it may be to hear it, leads us into the right direction.

    This is really interesting!

    • admin left a comment on March 2, 2018 at 11:41 pm

      Exactly, I stand by that myself, the problem is, some people are so sensitive to the truth, that they rather hear a lie, just so their feelings remain in tact. The key is the approach, on how you deliver that truth. A modest appeal tied with a stern message, is probably the best choice, rather than an arrogant approach. Either way, the honesty is needed indeed.

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