The Upcoming New Economy- Things To Know

Wondering what’s going on within the economy? Below I have some valuable information you can plug into. Now I’m pretty sure you’ve been seeing what’s been happening in the news, but here’s an in depth breakdown of some things that’s bubbling on and off the surface. Enjoy the read, and maybe take some notes.

What’s Trending…

Well, it’s 2018 and things are slowly getting into motion. Companies are digging in for the upcoming year. Consumers still are getting their feet wet in the new year. The government got off to a rocky start with the shutdown, that luckily only lasted for one day, and just before that, Congress passed the permanent corporate tax cut. Which then led to big companies across the world, giving out substantial benefits to their employees.

Many people were thrilled about the tax bill, and many people were highly upset with the bill, either way it was heavy news amongst the American people. Let us not forget about all the wild and crazy scandals that hit the news and probably will continue to be their, because simply, their scandals and when do they ever go away quietly?

I mean honestly, and I’m pretty sure you would agree, that it’s been a drama filled soap opera this last past year. May the force of the universe be with those people involved in the repeated mass shootings and terrorist attacks. It was plenty of times when our day was interrupted by breaking news of a mass shooting, or some kind of attack on a community.

If your’re like me and, keep up with the stock market, their has been a lot of talk and concern around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. People on one side, are screaming, buy, buy, buy!!!! People on the other end, are advising people not to trust the technology because it shows to many weaknesess. People who earned a fortune with bitcoin are stating, that the people who talk against it, are either, bitter about a missed oppurtunity, or just simply lack the understanding. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but, some smart advice to take, if you are considering the move, do your due dilligence first.

The stock market has been hitting record-breaking numbers over the past few weeks. The DOW closed at a record 26,000 earlier this year and continues to gain traction. Some are worried about how the bullish market is overdue for a dip, and they deem it’s certainly to come soon. That may worry some upcoming, or newly born investors. 2017 showed a spike in entrepreneurship and that may lead to more investors dipping their feet into the market.

Not Knowing Exactly Where To Start

New to the game huh? If not, maybe fairly new, or you dipped or dabbed here and there, but you don’t really have a full understanding of how to earn some extra capital for the future. Everybody who wanted to start that journey, probably had this same problem, including me. Getting started isn’t easy, nor is it hard. I know that’s sort of an oxymoron but it’s true.

It’s a mind thing mostly, It’s 2018, nearly every human being on earth has a cellphone, with the help of Nokia & then Apple, we now have smartphones. Although those devices may be smarter than us at times, especially for the ones that are a little bit more seasoned (older people), we tend to fair well with them. Thing is, we have to start using them a little bit more efficiently to gain the knowledge that we yearn for.

A good way to grasp a better understanding on how the economy works, is first learn the lingo or shall I say, jargon. Use the site, Investopedia to learn some basic terms that the investing industry uses. Further steps could be taking by actually writing those terms down and learning them. Watch financial tv shows and see can you catch some of the jargon they consistently use. Google words on the fly that you don’t understand, or about a business that you may here while out.

In the process of you starting to learn the jargon, start following big businesses and news outlets on social media. There are a multitude of outlets out their to follow such as:

  • Bloomberg
  • Yahoo Finance
  • MSN Money
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Investor’s Business Daily

There are a host of tv stations you can add to your tv playlist, or start to keep up with their weekly broadcast schedule. If you would like a more steady and direct flow of useful information. Then I suggest acquiring the book ” Investing for Dummies by Eric Tyson”. It usually runs around 30 dollars, depending on where you find it. It has some very useful and insightful information on how to invest. There is an entire collection of the ” for dummies” books on different subjects. Another idea would be to join an investment club. Investment clubs can be very beneficial to your growth. It’s a club that’s dedicated to helping and teaching their members to learn the right tactics to use when investing. Goggle has some investment clubs that may suit your needs, or first you can try social media in search for them. Thier will be plenty I will recommend in the near future, for now, head over to your local books store or shop online for the “investment for dummies” book.

Transferring Your Thoughts Into Plans For The New Economy

Regardless of what denomination or faith system you believe in, a plan without action is dead. Procrastination is an entrepreneur’s worst attribute to have. Waiting and more waiting, excuse after excuse. Before you know it, 3 years have passed you by, then 5, then another 5. You can wake up one day and realize you have reached a new age group and you haven’t executed any of your plans. You see, thoughts manifest into things, so if you constantly think excuse after excuse. One negative thought after another, then guess what, that’s what your life will resemble, Stagnation. If you are a procrastinator then take some time to rethink your current situation. Are you truly happy with your career or life in general? Have you on a regular basis contemplated changing your current path and direction? Some may wonder if they have enough capital to even begin.

You’re scared, nervous, and hesitant on what you’re next move should be, which is understandable. The first thing one must do is develop a strategic plan. Buy a notepad or cheap white board and begin to write out a solid strategy. Your first objective should be to calculate your financials. Bills, upcoming payments, household expenses etc. Note that, it doesn’t take $1,000 or more to begin making money through investing or online.

A good plan is always a plan that is paced. Don’t rush your way in or you’re bound to make more mistakes than usual. After you have calculated your expenses, figure how much money you usually have left to spare. Whether it’s 50 dollars or 500, designate a portion of it to invest in your future.

Start simple, with creating some online brokerage accounts. Creating multiple accounts will be perfect, or if you aren’t ready for all the bouncing back and forth, then use one for now untl you’re ready. Google money market funds such as: Fidelity or Vanguard. They usually deal in more low risk stocks like exchange traded funds and U.S Treasuries. Fidelity also works as a regular bank account. You can open a “cash management” account and have a debit card sent to you.

The good thing about a company like Fidelity, is that not only can you use it as a regular bank account, that comes with a card, but you also have the option on a daily, to invest some your money into the stock market. Along with that, most ETF”s pay monthly or quarterly dividends. They usually have a date set from the time you buy them, to when you can’t expect a return on your investment. Also, the money you have sitting in the account that’s not being used, is automatically parked into a high interest yielding account such as, Goldman Sachs or J. P Morgan. Again to learn more on these particular subjects, buy the book “investing for dummies” or continue to follow for economic advice.

Stock Market In Full Bull Mode, Can It Continue?

The stock market has been on a tear lately. Some of you may know what a “bull” market is, but for those who don’t, hear’s an explanation of both a “bull” and “bear” market.

  1. Bull Market- Is when the market is showing confidence, prices are going up, the number of shares trades is also high. There may be a bulk of new companies entering the market during this time. Usually, the value of the market rises by at least 20%. Everybody is making money, people are investing more and buying more.
  2. Bear Market- Is the exact opposite of a bull market. The value usually falls 20% or more. There is a lack of confidence in the market. Prices tend to hover at the same prices and then fall. Trading volumes will be stagnated and the economy is usually not in a good position.

On March 9th 2017, the ongoing bull market turned 8 years old. However, the longest bull market to date goes to the bull market that lasted from fall 1990 to spring 2000 (113 months). No bull market has ever made it to its 10th birthday though. The average of a typical bull market, is 57 months. Being that we have entered into 2018, the current market is in motion to reach its 9th birthday this year. The DOW ( Dow Jones Industrial Average) will soar smoothly above another record month with the closing of January. Currently with an average of over 26,300 to date.

The DOW is a widely used indicator of the overall condition of the stock market. It was started by Charles Dow in 1896, at the time, dealt with only 11 stocks. The DOW is computed using a complex price-weighted indexing system. This is what people usually mean when they say the market is down or the market is up, they are usually referring to the number that the DOW has computed.

Some long time investors are worried that the market is overdue for a backslide. Other’s think it will continue to soar and possibly reach it’s 10 birthday in March 2019. Which ever the case, the stock market will be the stock market, no need to be timid. In hindsight, this could the best time for new investors, you could learn just as much, if not more during the times of a bear market. Honestly, in my opinion their still is a lot of un-burned fuel in this market, and I think we are in for another surge in the economy.

Perfect Timing For The New Baby Boomers

Now when I refer to Baby Boomers, I don’t mean the population of people that were born post World War 2. I’m talking about the new baby boomers that have overtaken America’s largest generation, MILLIENNIALS!! Yes, as of 2016, millennial’s (born between the 1980s’ & 1990s’), out grew baby boomers to the sum of 75.4 million to 74.9 million.

So I when i speak of perfect timing, I’m mainly talking about the 80s’ & 90s’ babies.

Alright, I now everyone isn’t equipped with the knowledge of the stock market, but I can make a safe assumption by saying that you’ve heard about the recent legalization of cannabis in California. Along with the other 29 states and the ones that are on the rise, to follow in their footsteps. What about the news on how Canada’s entire country is going legal & hitting the market in July 2018.

Now I know many people have their stigmas about cannabis, but let’s look at it from a business stand point & not a consumer standpoint. First off, federally it’s still not legal, but their are no stimpulations when it comes to being an investor within the market.

There is also new technology on the way in that people aren’t entirely aware of. Combined with the bullish market we have now, and on Jan. 1st California’s legalization announcement. Canada’s announcement of there country legalizing, tied in with the tax cut, the economy has a chance to continue to grow.

Although federally cannabis isn’t legal, the surge for it is strong in the global market. Companies are merging, acquisitions are being made and bills are being written. With all these things in play, this is the perfect time for young people to start to learn about how money works. As of now, banks won’t touch the cannabis industry, because of the federal chokehold. That may not be the case for a Hawaiian based company called CanPay. A company who will deal in cash management for the cannabis industry.

There are many things in the making, an entire new economy perhaps. Everything from, organic waste management to a brand new health care field. Every ten years their is an economic/business innovation, and here in 2018, with us continuing to move forward, their will be a new surge to grasp hold to. Inflation is always a concern, but start now while you have the thought in the mix.

Automatic investment apps like Stash Investing has even offered a new portfolio on their site called “Corporate Cannabis” and they offer up the top cannabis companies under their holdings to invest with. That’s just a little something I’m throwing out their, so you can understand how serious some companies are when it comes to the new market potential.

Get in the grove now of learning how the market moves and how to read and crunch numbers. It actually becomes quite fun once you get the hang of it. Learning how to bet on yourself can be an absolute thrill ride. In essence, you are betting on yourself, eventhough you are actually investing in the workings of another company. It’s your intelligence that will decide if the move you made will be rewarding. So yea, why not learn the ropes? It’s the perfect time, everything is rather new right now. Tax plan was passed around Christmas, California & Canada making their legalization announcements shortly after. Apple stating they will invest $350 billion dollars over the next 5 years. I mean, their is a bundle of oppurtunity coming soon, will you be one of the people who secures a spot a possible new career, a new path for your family or just a new hobby that comes with extarordinary benefits? Only time will tell, and that’s one thing that will never end, time. Regardless if it’s yours or not, it will always be around. Try not to waste too much of it.

Stay updated on to get the rundown on what’s happening with industry. There will be plenty of new information in the near future. Be on the look out for my upcoming break down into the cannabis market, both U.S & Canada. I’ll have the top stocks to keep an eye on, business transactions and steps to breaking down a company, to make sure it’s legit.

Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow for more info.

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David Chandler

  1. Ryan left a comment on March 8, 2018 at 5:21 am


    I appreciate you being very honest about the new things we are expecting to see in the rise of the new economy. It’s important to be financially ready and prepare yourself for anything to come! I really enjoyed reading your article, and hope you continue to create content. Thank you for your reviews.

    • admin left a comment on March 9, 2018 at 6:42 pm

      Thanks. glad it was appreciated…

  2. Remy left a comment on March 28, 2018 at 6:22 am

    good article and its a trending topic that is quickly jumping out of the fringe society well into the mainstream.
    I recently dipped into the crypto industry for the first time and unfortunately I think it is here to stay.
    I would much rather see cash stay around because it is a lot harder for governments to take cash away from you.
    What worries me about a large-scale uptake of cryptocurrency is the trend towards one digital currency worldwide and then dare I say it one global government.

    • admin left a comment on March 28, 2018 at 5:14 pm

      Yea that’s what scares me about crypto….everyone using the same format

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